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Jungle Trolls Reborn 4.2
19-Мар-2011, 14:14
Version 4.2: 18.03.2011
 • by gadina_prokleta:
 - conjuring Voodoo Scriptures and Demonic Stone in totem 
now has a full day cooldown; Voodoo Scriptures produced in count of 5-15 and require 250 totem mana;
 - feeding monsters gives them double health bonus in comparison to normal carnivores, but gives them no growth bonus (monsters do not grow nor age); monsters can be fed with rotten meat;
 - rotten beasts now properly revive by the Puppet Master perk.

Скачивание по прямой ссылке ныне недоступно в связи с ошибкой названия.
2ой сервер скачивания
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