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Jungle Trolls Reborn 5.2
26-Мар-2012, 09:19
Version 5.2: 25.03.2012
 • gameplay
 - the benefit from the Master of Puppets achievement is now 25% per level (decreased from 33% per level);
 - river crab, tortoise and black widow growing time reduced by 2 days; rabbit growing time increased by 1 day, rat's - by 2 days;
 - some animals XP gain - slightly rebalanced;
 • user interface
 - added special buttons for empty ranged weapons (adapted by ElloElloEllo);
 • bugfixes
 - the spear can now be crafted normally in the Tannery, without triggering Choose Item and without destroying the building;
 - the camp fire now loses life properly when it is raining;
 - removed a minor bug which was causing the poison gas to trigger animal aggro;
 - the amazing bug with the Taming which was creating flying sheep (o.O) and additional neutral passive animals is now fixed.

Version 5.1: 23.03.2012
 • gameplay
 - animal reproduction limits formula now takes into account game days (if the count of the players + game days passed exceed 12, beasts will breed at 100%; otherwise breed chance is reduced respectively);
 - animals starting mana in the beginning of the game will now be random between 0 and max mana (it was random between 0 and 100);
 - experience gain for some animals drastically increased (mostly for small animals and fish);
 - mineral deposits (Rocks, Hard Rocks) now
randomly spawn in game start at 24 locations (50% chance that the location would remain empty);
 - players can now choose troll's starting item:
        - hunter: Spear lvl 2 or Bow with 1-10 arrows or Sabretooth Fur Boots;
        - warrior: Axe lvl 2 or Club lvl 2 or Shield lvl 2;
        - inventor: Gun or Shotgun or Repair Hammer;
        - shaman: random Spell Book of Light or Shadow or Darkness;
 - some minor improvements (overall gameplay, stats and abilities):
        - fishing speed slightly increased;
        - pain effects now only affect movement and attack speed, but not the melee damage;
        - shaman's voodoo form now removes pain effect and blowpipe's poison along with the other poisons;
        - inventor's Dismount ability now requires much more energy to be used, depending on the life of dismounted building - energy cost [25 + building life /4];
        - towers will automatically shoot at air targets too;
        - troll hut and hunter's tents now give permanent invisibility when staying near them (not only while sleeping);
        - walls, barrels, tents and some others small buildings hit points decreased;
        - bee hives can now be destroyed;
        - herbivorous animals can now be fed with tinder (food value = herbs);
        - anacondas, snakes and spiders do not sleep at night anymore;
        - sabretooth cat movement speed while in stealth mode is increased;
        - when attacking a beast with a torch in hands, a troll has 20% chance to scare it and make it run away;
        - crabs are now amphibious as they should be and their movement speed is slightly decreased;
 - some minor improvements (items):
        - casting time of the power attack with all throwing/shooting weapons set to 0.5 sec (for most of the weapons it was 0.75 sec);
        - net duration reduced to 5 sec (from 8 sec), cooldown reduced to 15 sec (from 25 sec); net critical chance increased to 20%, but stun duration decreased to 2 sec (before - 10% for 4 sec);
        - warrior can now craft Net as a class crafting item;
        - totems of horror can be crafted using elder beast skull;
        - using demonic mask doesn't require energy anymore;
        - sarbacane renamed to Blowpipe and slightly rebalanced (cooldown increased to 6 sec and now every shot causes a Pain effect for 2 sec, 20% to crit for a paralyze for 2 sec);
        - power attack with blunt weapons (bone smash) critical chance is now always 10%, independently of the level of the weapon; damage with mining pick power attack decreased from 50 to 35, stun removed;
        - repair hammer is much more effective now for repairing buildings (restores 60 life, before the change it was 20) and is slightly improved for gathering minerals;
       - inventor's remote mine renamed to Land Mine and now can be triggered by ability (shortcut Q) - and it's still being triggered automatically for enemy trolls;
        - hunter's Rock Trap, Spiked Trap and Ensnare Trap are now cheaper and easier for crafting (they do not require a sensor trap kit anymore); ensnare trap resource cost greatly reduced (now requires only 2 rope);
        - spell book of Teleport energy cost increased from 50 to 90;
        - battle horn in addition to its melee damage bonus now gives protection from fear (animal fear of fire, spirit's Scare) and taunt (animal aggression upon attacking or casting);
 - hunter's Tame Beast ability reworked:
        - now the hunter is not channeling Tame Beast, but he needs to stay in 500 range of the animal for 20 sec;
        - the ability now requires special taming energy depending on the animal tamed - stronger beasts require more energy (for a bunny - 20; for a piglet - 50; for a bear cub - 100);
       - taming energy is being stored in the Hunter Crafting skill at rate of 1 per 10 sec with a limit of 200 (4 game days), starting 50;
 • user interface
 - all crafting tooltips now show which troll classes can use the resulting item;
 - the annoying burning sound from herbs, rocks and hard rocks of low health has been removed;
 - added the old command -cam, which allows higher view on the jungle;
 - some tooltips and notifications corrected;
 • bugfixes
 - removed a bug which may cause game crash when certain player selects the Old Troll;
 - removed an exploit with the demonic mask;

 - some spells and abilities will not provide anymore sight range when cast;
 - fixed the Ugly Frog quest; now the frog will lay an egg as intended;
 - fixed a bug which didn't allowed reptiles to become lazy;
 - some countermeasures taken for solving the bug with item limits (when the troll cannot take an item he should be able to): when all items are being dropped from inventory, any bug with limits should be fixed;
 - Shaman achievement The Chosen One is now working
(the fix makes Totem selectable by only one player at a time);
 - fixed the wrong notification of Merchandise and Ballistics achievements.
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